You’ve poured over the glossy pictures on the internet all week and now you are at the open with other people… “the competition” and you have a serious crush on this house.

Falling in love can be wonderful—and finding the perfect house to live in can make a house-hunter weak in the knees.  When you’re looking to spend the foreseeable future in a house, true love is absolutely necessary.  But love can have a downside — heartbreak.

Here’s a couple of tips to think about before the ‘first date’

Wish List – sit down and work out what you want out of a house and what are deal breakers. Think into the future. Children, Pets, Hobbies, Do you garden? Can you tolerate one bathroom – the list is totally subjective and you probably won’t get 100%, but like most great love affairs there are some imperfections.

Have a clear idea of your price range – talking with your Mortgage Broker will allow you to know your comfort level and your top price.  Putting yourself under financial stress can be avoided with good lending advice and sticking to a budget.

Cool head – if there are two of you looking, make sure one will be the designated “cool head” or take someone along to get their honest opinion.

Research – What do you know about the area that you are looking in?  Will the zoning be a disadvantage? Does it flood? What have similar properties gone for recently? Demographics?

Other fish in the sea – perhaps considering several houses at the same time, in case the first choice doesn’t work out.  Rebuilding, redecorating or building from scratch are options, too.

We love talking with clients while they are looking at homes, as we can ask the questions that can help make the Crush end up a True Love Affair.

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