• Commitment to transparency. No surprises.
  • At Azura Home Loans, we treat you how we want to be treated. If you’re concerned about a “salesman” or an Internet ad luring you in with “razzle dazzle” only to find out later the lender was a poor fit, then you’ll like doing business with us. We’re transparent from the very start about interest rates, lenders and loan products and the pros and cons.  You’ll walk confidently into your loan. No surprises.

  • Commitment to consultative relationships. No order takers
  • At Azura Home Loans, we take a consultative approach to your mortgage. This means we take the time to understand your short- and long-term goals, educate you about your options, and help you make the right choice for you. What “consultative” also means is if you ask us for a loan we think might be a mistake, or not entirely right for your situation, we won’t just “take your order” without question. We’ll make sure you understand possible drawbacks and other available options, so you land the best possible loan for you.

  • Commitment to service.  Nothings too much trouble.
  • We believe in creating ‘customers for life’ and don’t take this goal lightly. Our existing customers know that they can call on us at any time and with any question.  They know that we act as an advocate for them through the loan process and beyond, though the life of the loan.

  • Commitment to alternatives. No situation is too complex.
  • Has a traditional bank turned you down? Think your situation might be too complex for a lender to offer you mortgage terms you can live with? Think again. We at Azura Home Loans are able to offer you multiple lending options through multiple channels. We’ll shop for the loans that best fit you, and provide as many alternatives as possible to get it done.

  • Adelaide expertise. No strangers – we’re local to your neighbourhood.

With more than a decade operating in Adelaide we’re intimately familiar with the areas and neighbourhoods you’ll be buying into.

Are we the right Mortgage Credit Adviser for you?

We won’t simply ask you to “trust us,” because trust as we define it has to be earned. We want to earn your trust! Give us a call at 08 8384 1993 or request a free consultation.